Budget Brides

I have realized today a lot of brides are turning to the DIY thing and wanting to save money. As a photography service we want our brides to understand the investment they make with us but I’m not sure many understand. Are there any other businesses in the wedding industry that feel the same way? Share your thoughts.

Published on Quinceanera Magazine Florida

Being published in this magazine was a dream come true.  We put in long hours and staying motivated through the process which made the final product worth the wait.  There were many frustrating deadlines and headaches, but in the end, we came with a stellar product. I was very proud of my team and the results we aimed for.  My God from above blessed me with my talents and I love to use them and give Him honor for it.  Quinceanera magazine was a good investment. We truly are proud of the regional owner, Heidi Sulpher, for trusting in us. We wish all the best on this new journey and will keep you guys posted on this amazing journey.

Visit their facebook page if you are seeking to plan a fabulous Quinceanera. Si hablamos espanol. https://www.facebook.com/quinceaneramagazinefl/



Reflectors Can be Worth It

I love capturing my subjects and so when I am building a new portfolio I tend to control when and where we will photograph.  As for me, I like to do it early in the morning or right before sunset (my favorite times of the day). Then there are times I have booked clients that sometimes due to their busy schedules need a session covered at specific times and so like the artists we are, we have to make it work.  I grab my best gear for the session and as always I have my reflector travel set at the ready and available.  Using my awesome round collapsible reflectors (in various colors)  by Neewer I make sure when its the peak of the day or afternoon I use the best reflector fit for the client. I love using my translucent reflector the most but my second is the silver one. The sun can be brutal on your subject so using the right reflector makes all the difference.  My wife sometimes is my assistant so that is so necessary when shooting a session in the middle of the day. But sometimes you may not have an assistant handy so you do the unthinkable, improvise!  Us as photographers have to be the creatives, the thinkers in each situation. I have been in these instances many times and I have adapted and learned to make something from nothing. The end result is what I aim for. Having my flexible traveling reflectors makes my job easy especially in harsh situations. The sun can help some images and hurt some images, it all depends on what you are going for when capturing the subject. Keep your subjects back to the Sun if you want to capture a less uncomfortable shot and use that reflector to help your client pop more in the image and also keep that harsh sunlight out of the image as well.  I shared the link to the set I use below. Go on and create your magic for the world to see.


Best Traveling Background

I travel a lot and needing a background that is travel-ready and accessible is important. That is why I chose to use FancierStudio collapsible backgrounds. My favorite is the black and white one. It’s the most simple and reliable background I have used out of many other options. Their products have not failed me and I will continue to invest in their products for a more professional experience. If you photograph many head shots, this is my recommended option for your business. The set up is so simple and only takes seconds. This beats any old-fashioned, “traditional” background and is so convenient for the traveler at heart. Please check out their product below and make the investment. You will be glad you did. Your business is worth spending money for. It represents you and your style of work. Let it show in what you buy. The better the quality the better the outcome. If you have any questions/comments send them below.



My Preferred Camera


So about 2 years ago I decided to jump into a brand new camera. The Canon 1DX Markii. This camera is what I have been longing for! Its has the speed I love and the video capabilities to capture video from 1080 to 4K quality. below are my likes and dislikes.

The pros:

  • I can use this camera to cover photos and video
  • the quality is amazing in 4K
  • the battery charge is fast
  • it’s a show stopper and an attention grabber
  • great audio and video
  • its weather seal

The cons:

  • video time is up to 30 minutes
  • the charger is made specifically for the 1dx battery and not universal
  • the charger cost $350 to replace and is not considered under warranty
  • consumes a lot of memory for video over 6 hours.
  • heavy
  • media is very expensive

I was about to purchase the 1DX Mark i until I heard about the newer model releasing. So I decided to wait to give this baby a test drive. I was very impressed with this camera and I feel it was a great investment.  If you want a show stopper with great quality make the investment. Trust me it will pay for itself.  As a seasoned professional take your business to the next level and stand out from the 90 percent that settles for safe. I shared a link below for you to check out. This is a great bundle to start with.





Adding Video

As of 2017, we decided to add video to our work and see how it would do. It turned out better than we expected and now we book more video than photography lol. We are blessed that our clients choose us over the stiff competition. Thank you for visiting our blog and be sure to follow our fb and Instagram for more of our latest work!





My Recommended Lenses

Every photographer has their special set of lenses they use for each event so let me share my favorite and most recommended lenses.

The first lense is the Canon 50 mm 1.4 (https://amzn.to/2tAXq8G). It’s inexpensive and the quality is amazing. Definitely a must have for any photographer and videographer.

The second is a Canon 70-200 EF L IS II (https://amzn.to/2IlcZq2). Great lense because of it’s  focal length. I would shoot with this lense at 200mm all day. Highly recommended.

The third lense is Canon 16-35 L (https://amzn.to/2lx7coy) for group Pictures and landscape. Produces out of this world pictures.

The fourth lense is Canon 100mm Macro (https://amzn.to/2MUK9QO).  Recommended for weddings and portraits photographers.  The amount of detail is produces is amazing. Depth of field is creamy.

These are my recommended lenses and please see the links attached for more detail of each lense.

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4 Most Important Professionals to Book Now

I know, I know it feels like there is so much to do and not enough hours in a day to do them in but we will share with you the most important pros to start with:

  1. Wedding planner- she/he is the one you want to help alleviate a majority of your stress with little to no worries.  A wedding planner will sit down with you and your fiancé and lay out a plan from start to finish with your vision in mind.  We see event planners as robots boosted to the highest level.  Their energy is great and the drive is amazing.  When you have a meeting with the right wedding planner you will know they are what you’re looking for. A minimum to book a wedding planner 12 months.
  2. Venue- whether your wedding is large or intimate, having the perfect venue is always recommended to accommodate your needs.  There are so many to choose from but when to choose is key.  The farther out you reserve your venue the better chance you have them for the date requested. At minimum 12 months out is recommended to secure the location you prefer.  Make sure to meet the location and browse around and ask questions to see if they fit your visual as well as budget.
  3. Photographer- We can stress enough how important it is to have an experienced, creative photographer.  Don’t depend on family and friends to capture your day.  Treat them as the guest you invited them to be.  Let the individual or team you hired tell your story.  Inquiry with as many or as few as you would like and ask questions.  Look at their work and set a meeting if time permits.  Therefore you can see touch and feel their products.  Never go off price!  Go off of quality, style and experience.  Find the right photographer that fits your budget.  A minimum time to book a photographer at least 6 months out.
  4. Video/Cinema- With every photographer is a great cinema or video team.  Make the investment they can give you the video or cinema quality for your story.  Schedule a meeting with one and again ask questions.  Remember they will be working to fulfill your vision so leave no question unanswered.  See their products too and get to know them.  You will know if they are the right fit for you and your vision.  Trust us you will know if they are what you are looking for based off of the whole package.  A minimum time to book a video/cinema team at least 6 months out.

When you book these professionals first and far in advance you are ahead of many other brides and that much closer to finding the right fit for your day. Price should never be the main factor on booking these professionals.  Remember quality over quantity any day.  There is a reason most professionals come at a higher price than the rest.  The number one reason is value just because they love what they do and you will see it in all that they do to bring your vision to life.



Opening the Doors to Quinceaneras

We are proud to announce that we are opening up a new category in our business! Quinceaneras were something my business partner and I have always discussed since moving to Florida but we were not sure. With my roots in Puerto Rico and partner’s in New York we thought why not? We are in Florida which by the way has a huge population of latinos and continuously growing. It would be an honor to celebrate a day in a young Latina’s life when she steps into womanhood for the first time. This is huge in Puerto Rico as well as in other latin communities. We look forward to meeting new faces and traveling all around the U.S. and beyond capturing the different styles and traditions of a true Quinceanera. Continue to follow us on facebook , website and blog for more updates.  https://www.facebook.com/quinceaneraprofessionales/

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Villa Adriana Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding? Florida has a beautiful private estate located in Lutz that will give you that elegant feel with a breathtaking view.  We tell our brides to make this day worth your investment! You only will do this once so make sure the location makes a statement. The Villa Adriana will do just that! There is a lot that goes into planning your special day and your photographer has to capture all the necessary details to make your day just as memorable as you saw it. We play an important role in capturing what really matters to you and the moments you don’t see. Telling your story from beginning to end is what its all about. This estate is guaranteed to wow your guests with its exquisiteness and details. From the hand carved ceilings to the beautiful private lake view. So if you are ever thinking about planning a beautiful romantic wedding in Florida, make sure to check out The Villa Adriana, a luxurious estate that provides an amazing experience. Julana-Phillip-99 Julana-Phillip-106~Julana-Phillip-92 Julana-Phillip-1002 copy Julana-Phillip-1008 copy Julana-Phillip-1006 copy Julana-Phillip-1014 copy Julana-Phillip-38_bw

Finding The Right Vendors To Partner With

When networking and building your preferred vendors it is crucial to do a little research on the ones you are interested in. Whether you read reviews or see their work it is always good to know a little about them. Once you have found out all you need to know to make the decision if they are the right fit for partnership, reaching out is the next step. Now I know sometimes you have vendors that don’t get back with you because they may be busy so give them the benefit of the doubt. But if you have reached out over 3 times in a 7 day period or more, red flag! I truly beleive that communication is key.If they are not being proactive and giving you an acknowledgement of your email or message then make that decision and move on.

There are so many talented professionals out there undiscovered or well discovered you are garanteed to find the right fit! Don’t forget schedule that meeting so both parties and get well aquainted and see if this vendor would likely be on your team. What I look for when having a first meeting: Clean and neatly dressed. I like to be causally dressed to a meeting not so much a suit and tie. Very professional and not cursing like a sailor or saying inapproiate things. Has personality. That says a lot about who you will be working besides in the future. The quality of work and products they produce.

Taking a risk and investing in your business is one of the best things you could do. It will speak for itself. All of these things I take into account and gives me a peace of mind knowing whether I have picked the right partner(s). So pay attention to the red flags and do a little research it will make a big difference in your decision process.